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Profiles Sales Assessment™

No matter the industry, sales is an integral part of the success of any company. You need to hire and manage the best sales force with individuals who fit your company and are capable of meeting sales goals.

The Profiles Sales Assessment (PSA) is primarily used for selecting and managing sales people and account managers. You’ll be able to measure how well a person fits specific sales or account management jobs in your organization.

PSA reports allow you to select new hires with the skills, knowledge and confidence to make your sales successful! Includes all that the PXT Select™ does, with sales language and information on 7 critical Sales behaviors such as prospecting and client relationships.

Summary Graph

Provides information on “job fit” to a sales position and a quick look at the individual

Performance Model Comparison

Provides job fit information, detailed information on the individual’s traits, as well as management/coaching information..

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The Profiles Sales Assessment, (Profiles/Select) just like the ProfileXT, can produce several more informative reports after an individual has completed the assessment, all included for the price on one assessment. Individual Reports are useful to an employee as a guide for self understanding and development. Placement Reports include interview guides with “job fit” information, detailed information on thinking, behavioral and interests traits of the person, as well as management/training information. Succession Planning Reports are useful for succession planning and putting employees into new positions. Multi-Candidate Reports compare several individuals to one specific job requirements. Coaching/Managing Reports are useful for training, development, and motivation. Job Analysis Reportsare useful for defining job requirements and job descriptions. Summary Reports offer a quick look at essential information from the all the reports available and Graph Reports provide a visual representation of Summary reports.